Our Story

Xiaura was founded in Vancouver Canada in 2020. Xiaura is pronounced "SheAura". This is the fusion of East and West. The inspiration behind our brand is we wanted to create a skin care line that meets the highest standard of purity and efficacy. Our products are paraben free, cruelty free, formulated with organic ingredients and environmentally sustainable. We hope you enjoy these products every bit as much as we've enjoyed creating them for you!


Our Mission is based on 3 core principles

Customer first: The customer is always the primary focus of everything we do. From product design to every aspect of the customer shopping experience, we always have you in mind first and foremost.

Selected ingredients: Our ingredients must meet stringent criteria of purity and efficacy. We only use the very best in our products. The kinds of ingredients that will ensure you have that healthy glow. That Aura.

The intangible: The never ending search for perfection. The fusion of inner and outer beauty that makes each and everyone a unique signature in the landscape of humanity.



Michelle Sun

Michelle is a graduate of the University of British Columbia. She had front-line clinical experience at Vancouver General Hospital for several years.

She has always had a natural curiosity about life, and that has lead to a deep appreciation of both Eastern and Western philosophy. Of fusion. Of balance. It is this concept that formed the basis of her new skin care line Xiaura. The enduring belief that perfection comes from the sum of all great things. Xiaura formulations are about simplicity and sophistication. Organic purity and scientific precision.